Regional Government of Oromia investment commission (OIC) was established in 1985 EC as a focal organization to promote investment and handle all investment issues in the regional state of Oromia. It was established under proclamation number 31/1985. According to this proclamation, its main tasks are to design policies, strategies, directives and regulations on investment issues and when approved by the regional cabinet, it carries out and follows up and confirms its execution. It is also accountable to conduct various researches, assessment of investment potentials and activities together with evaluating the drawbacks of investment laws regulations, directives and policies to know whether the investment policies and strategies are working properly in the region. In addition, the commission is responsible to deliver investment license for domestic investors, to follow up investment projects and provides various supports, receives appeals from investors and submits to the regional government investment board for approval and decision. Information and communication Technologies (ICTs) are becoming very essential tools or facilitators for fast development and growth for any country. The Oromia Investment Commission has started an aggressive move towards enabling its own Website to deliver information to his customers.


Identifying, Organizing and promoting the Investment potentials of the Region via efficient and effective leadership and providing follow up and after care services for investors we ensure sustainable socio-economic growth and improved livelihood of the people.


We accomplish to see Oromia transformed towards industrial led economy and become one of the Nation’s middle income people by the year 2020.

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