Over 95% of the total flower production comes from Oromia Regional State. The region has a better developed infrastructure and logistical facilities, favorable climate, fertile soil and trainable and disciplined workforce. Many areas within Oromia Regional State are suitable for floriculture but the Great Rift Valley, South West Showa and Oromia Special Zone including some areas in the West are most appropriate. These areas currently host several flower farms with leading companies such as Sher Ethiopia, Red Fox and Syngenta. While the Great Rift Valley corridors offers ideal climate with abundant water and fertile soil for fast growth and hence cheap production; the Oromia Special Zone and South West Shewa and surrounding areas are appropriate for high quality highland flowers.

Bishoftu City and surroundings

Bishoftu city is located 47 KM from Finfinnee.  It is prominent investment corridor which is hosting much commercial agriculture, agro-processing and manufacturing companies. Electricity, telecommunication and transport are readily available.

Koka and surroundings

Koka is located at 100 KM from Finfinnee and 30 KM from Modjo Dry Port. It is distinctive floriculture investment belt currently hosting over 15 companies including Syngenta, Red Fox, Desa, Florensis and Sher Nursery Site. The area is already served by electricity and telecommunication infrastructure for existing investment.

Batu Town and surroundings

Batu is located at 160 KM from Finfinnee at the shore of Lake Batu. It has high concentration of floriculture and horticulture next to Koka. Notable companies in the area are Sher Ethiopia, Castle, and AQ Roses. The temperature of Batu and its surrounding is between 22 and 27oC while the soil type is leptosoil which is suitable for shallow root plants. Electricity and telecommunications are available.

Upper Awash Belt

This site is located at 150 KM from Finfinnee after passing Adama city. Upper Awash belt is 20KM off road from Adama – Assela main road or Adama - Djibouti route.  It is home for Upper Awash Agro Industry, Africa Juice Tibila Farm and Marquee Flowers.

Wonji and Surrounding

The average altitude of the area is around 1.540 m above sea level. Soil test analyses show the land is salty due to extensive furrow irrigation over the years. However, it can still be suitable with soil treatment schemes.

Oromia Special Zone Surrounding Finfinne

This refers to Oromia Special Zone surrounding Finfinnee and nearby areas in West and South-West Shewa. Most of the area is highland in contrast to the other six. This gives a perfect option for high quality highland roses. Areas such as Holeta and Sebata are already hosting few flower growers. Water source is mostly ground. Infrastructures such as electricity, telephone and logistics are well developed.

East Hararghe area Surrounding Dire Dawa

East Hararghe areas surrounding Dire Dawa is a new prospect for floriculture and horticulture. It is located at border between Oromia and Somali Regional States.  The soil type is mostly sandy. It has one of the highest ground water potential in Ethiopia. There is an international airport and the city is a main station to Finfinnee-Djibouti high speed railway. Dire Dawa is one of the major industrial corridors in the country and possibly with best competitive edge in terms of logistics and transport for sea freights.


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