Oromia National Regional State produced 42% of the total national horticultural products in 2013. The diverse agro-ecology, large surface and ground water potential and highly fertile land makes the region suitable for almost any type of fruit and vegetable products. Currently, the leading vegetable products in the region are Onion, Potato, Tomato, cabbage and garlic. However, production of high valued vegetables such as lettuce, eggplant, cherries, strawberry, fresh beans and peas is increasing with an increasing investment by international and domestic companies. The fruits produced in the region include citrus, grapes, mango, papaya, banana, guava and avocado. Apple is a recent introduction in the highlands of North Shewa, West Shewa and Oromia Special Zone.

Though the Majority area in the region is suitable for horticulture farm, four distinctive corridors were identified by the study includes Great Rift Valley, East-West Harargehe, Jimma Gibe and West and South West Shewa areas. These corridors are the bigger horticulture corridor by the Agricultural Transformation Agency (ATA). The specialized corridor of Wellegga belt for fruit, namely mango is highlighted.

The agro-climate of most parts of this corridor is lowland or midland suitable for range of   fruits and vegetables such as mango, banana, avocado, beans and berries. In addition, Jimma corridor including parts of Kaffa from SNNPR is highly suitable for spices, herbs and aromatics such as ginger, cardamoms, garlic and pepper.

The West and South-West Shewa corridor refers to areas West and South-west of Finfinnee. The area is mostly mid-and high land altitude with smaller portion of lowland areas in the Gibe valley. Three highways, going to different parts of the country from Finfinnee, serve the West and South-West Shoa Corridor. Awash River, Wenchi lake and to some extent Gibe River could be key sources of water but ground water and harvesting of water at rainy season are options. Most parts of this corridor are appropriate for highlands fruits and vegetables such as Apple, Potato, Beans, Peas, garlic, Carrot and Beetroot.


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