Oromia has tremendous potential for investment in agro-processing. Many of its agricultural products can be exported without being processed, while others can be processed before they are brought to domestic and foreign markets. The government has also placed a priority on the export of processed products, which involves and stimulates the growth of the agro-processing sector. Due its huge agricultural products produced both at small holder farmers and commercial scale, the following Specific opportunities in agro-processing are available.

These potentials include:

  1. Processing and preservation of meat and fish products, fruits and vegetables, coffee, tea
  2. Production and processing of dairy products; edible oil and Soya milk production
  3. Manufacturing of starch and starch products; and
  4. Processing of animal feed, etc
  5. Embellishment of Sugar factory,
  6. Bio-diesel extraction industry,
  7. Cotton processing,
  8. Livestock products processing
  9. Fruit and vegetables processing and others
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