a) Education

Ethiopia aspires to attract internationally reputable educational institutions, universities and training centers. The following areas are some of the opportunities for both domestic and foreign investors.

1. Kindergarten and nursery;

2. Primary and secondary schools;

3. Science and technology colleges/ universities;

4. Colleges for business and marketing;

5. Schools for medical science;

6. ICT institutions;

7. Vocational training centers;

8. Training center for hospitality industry.

b) Health

Opportunities for investment in health services exist in the following areas:

1. General and specialized clinics;

2. General and specialized hospitals;

3. Clinical laboratory;

4. Diagnostic centers.

c) Telecommunications

Opportunities are there for private investors to invest in the telecom services in partnership with the Government

d) Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

1. Software, content, application, and database development

2. System integration and data center services

3. Manufacturing of ICT equipment like computers and peripheral equipment, audio and video

4. equipment, telephone apparatus, and production of semi-conductors and other electronic components

e. Real Estate

The problem of urban housing increases from time to time as the number of population getting higher and higher. Given the large number of population living in more than 375 towns in Oromia, paves ways for the diversified investment activities that will be made in construction of real estate, warehouse, supermarkets, workshops, and multipurpose halls.


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