goldMining and Energy the explored mineral deposits of the region include: gold, platinum, nickel, iron-ore, soda ash, diatomite, limestone, feldspar, silica sand, dolomite, kaolin, granite and other non-metallic construction materials. Gold mines at Adola and Laga Dambi (Borena zone) Nejo and Birbir river Valley (Wollega), and platinum at Yubdo (Wellega) are being exploited. Mining activities that are already underway include: gold (Borena and West Wellega), soda ash in the Rift Valley, limestone, gypsum and clay soil (Muger), tantalum (at Kenticha) ornamental and construction minerals (in Hararghe and Wellega) and ceramic in Borena.

Oromia has high potential for hydropower development. Un touched energy in geothermal, natural coal, and solar are found in the region. At present, the greatest percentage of the hydroelectric power of Ethiopia comes from Koka, Fincha, Melka-Wakena and Soar power stations of the region. The total installed capacity of Integrated Circial System hydro electricity generating stations in the region amounts to 367,120 kW of which 360,200 (98.1%) and 6920 (1.9%) are hydro and thermal respectively. On the other hand, the total installed capacity of self-contained system (SCS) in 1993/94 is 12,759 kW of which 5,510 (43.2%) and 7,249 (56.8%) are hydro and thermal respectively. Gilgel Gibe another hydroelectric power source is under construction. Generally, most of the rivers in the state have immense hydroelectric power potential.

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