Besides the large and endemic varieties of fauna and bird species of the Awash and the Bale Mountains National Park, the Rift-Valley lakes of the region are places where sports, sunbathing and bird watching tours could be accomplished. The hot springs in Walliso and Sodere (about 114 km south west and east of the capital respectively) are popular attraction sites for their medicinal and recreational value. The Sof-Omar caves in central Bale, with their galleries of polished white cone and chamber of columns are the incredible natural phenomena of great interest and beauty. The palace of Aba Jifar in Jimma is another historical attraction. Moreover, topographical spectacles of the region add up to make Oromiya a perfect tourist destination. Oromia has much to offer to international tourists. It has unique historical and cultural heritages, magnificent scenery, surprisingly pleasant climate and religious, archeological, and historical places to visit. Oromia is a land of contrasts and extremes, a land of remote and wild places with a wide range of tourist attractions which have not yet been fully exploited. Tourism opportunities exist in the construction of star-designated hotels, lodges and resorts, international and specialized restaurants and as tour operators. Potential investors can take advantage of these opportunities through direct investment or joint-ventures with Ethiopians. Tourism opportunities exist in the construction and operation of: Star-rated hotels, lodges and restaurants and Tour operation.

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