Investment Areas more encouraged by the policy

    • High and sustainable value addition;
    • Contribution to the economic diversification;
    • Export orientation(focus on manufacturing);
    • Transfer of technology, management know-how and technical skills)
    • Create relatively larger employment opportunities;
    • Exploitation of natural resources
    • Focus on productive investment (not trading)

Priority Areas

Based on the above policy objectives, the following are priority area given due attention by government;

    • Ÿ  Textile and apparel industries;
    • Ÿ  Leather and leather products industries;
    • Ÿ  Agro processing industries;
    • Ÿ  sugar and related industries;
    • Ÿ  chemical industry;
    • Ÿ  Pharmaceuticals industries;
    • Ÿ  Metal and engineering industries.

Government Support to Priority Areas

    • Ÿ  Export incentive
    • Ÿ  Custom duty exemption
    • Ÿ  income tax holiday
    • Ÿ  loss carry forward
    • Ÿ  Remittance of profit, dividends, principals and interest payments on external loans
    • Ÿ  Provision of land at very competitive rental price
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